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The Booth Groups’ family of integrated brands work seamlessly together to offer sustainable materials, creative solutions, dedicated operations and development opportunities.

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Booth Ventures

As an established Land Management Contractor, Booth Ventures are renowned for providing innovative solutions to their client’s problems. They work closely with businesses in restoring difficult sites such as quarries, brownfields, and end-of-life landfills. Using a sustainable approach, they recover local soils to provide the material for site restoration and land remediation. Not only do they look to restore sites, but they efficiently produce a variety of construction aggregates to assist the UK in the development of infrastructure and leisure.

Booth Golf & Leisure

One of the UK's leading Golf Course & Driving Range Development Specialists with a proven track record of creating a diverse range of outdoor leisure space. From improving course playability to sustainably developing outdoor leisure spaces, Booth Golf & Leisure’s complete service package includes each aspect of design, plan & build. Their simple, yet innovative approach looks to enhance outdoor leisure facilities through a considered development process.

Ground Material Solutions

A leading construction material partner that specialises in the supply of bulk construction aggregates and soil recovery solutions. Having built a reputation within the construction industry for being an efficient, customer focused supplier, they provide sustainable solutions no matter the size or location of your project. When it comes to finding a reliable supplier for aggregates or soil recovery solutions look no further than GMAT.

Booth Asset Management

Booth Asset Management look to work directly with businesses to maximise land assets. They develop innovative plans to help increase revenue streams through sustainable solutions. The primary objective of the business is to restore and improve their land.

Harwood Quarry Company

Operations at Harwood Quarry provide important brick making shales for manufacturers to meet the demands of the UK Housing Market. Whilst material is extracted for such construction developments, the Quarry is then being restored by recovering excess soils sourced from local construction developments. The aim is to restore the existing landscape to ensure the area is made safe for future use.