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With over 15 years of trading experience, The Booth family has been in business since the late 1800’s where we gained the knowledge and expertise that help us even in the present day.


The Booth family has been in business since the late 1800’s working with haulage and aggregates. Horse and Carts were the order of the day at the beginning and despite advances in technology, the roots of the business are still apparent in all that we do today.

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Our founder Matthew Booth started his career working for the family business once he graduated from university. Matthew’s early roles ranged from HGV driver to heavy vehicle mechanic before he made the move to the office.

With a strong affiliation in waste management and a keen eye for an opportunity, Matthew created the first Booth Group business in 2004. A very successful environmental consultancy business was developed that was later acquired by AECOM. During this time, our second business was formed and Booth Ventures commenced with the operation at Harwood Quarry after obtaining permission for the site’s operations.

The group's portfolio of sites continued to grow and saw Booth Ventures appointed as the lead operator for the restoration of Britannia Quarry in West Yorkshire.

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Moving into the 2010’s Booth Ventures continued to diversify and grow which led to a number of exciting quarry and restoration projects across the UK.

As we continued to operate and manage quarry sites, we also looked at ways that we could help other businesses with environmental issues. This led to our first landfill remediation and restoration project for a local council and the restoration of a chemical landfill.

Working with some of the UK’s largest contractors, we have helped to restore a diverse range of land such as the saltmarshes along the Mersey estuary following the construction of the Mersey Gateway Bridge.

During this time, we also provided services to the brick making industry and worked closely with larger manufacturers such as Wienerberger & Ibstock, who appointed us as the site operator at Mouselow Quarry and Ravenhead Quarry respectively.

From 2012 we started to manage imported soils for our external customers which could be used for landfill capping, site remediation and for the creation of development platforms. We continue to use this sustainable model to this day.

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The Booth Group was formed following further diversification into leisure space development which saw the creation of Booth Golf & Leisure. BGL specialises in the complete development of sustainable golf and leisure spaces.

During the last few years, our customer facing brand was developed, known as GMAT, which supplies aggregates and soil management services to the construction industry across the UK.

The Booth Group and its family of brands seamlessly work together to provide solutions.

Our group of businesses now operates over 10+ projects across the UK from quarry operations, land remediation to leisure space development.

Managing soils and stone in a sustainable manner is an important factor in our ethos. Our motto is simple 'it shouldn't cost the earth'

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